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JavaScript Maker is a tool for people who produce and/or manage web site content, which empowers HTML with the ability to perform functions. With functions, you can dynamically change the content of web pages without having to change or upload the web pages, themselves.

The functions are created by converting HTML code into JavaScript code. You don't need to know anything about the JavaScript language to use JavaScript Maker. If you make HTML files, regardless of your method, you can successfully use JavaScript Maker.

JavaScriptMaker can convert any HTML code, including code with embedded scripts. If the code works in your browser, so will the function that JavaScript Maker creates from it.

Let's take a closer look at the process. A function is a stand-alone set of instructions, like a tiny program, that can be invoked or "called" from any other code, as required. Functions are a fundamental part of any computer programming language. To understand why functions are so useful, let's make up an example.

Suppose you ran a web site that sold 500 products and that you had a page for each product description. At the bottom of each of those 500 pages you printed a mailing address for people who don't like buying things online. The source code for that portion of the page might look like this...

Please send your cheque or money-order to:
<blockquote>Buy-a-Lot, Ltd.<br>
123 Main Street<br>
Anytown, Anystate 99112<br>

Thank you for your business.

If your business moved, you'd have 500 pages to change and upload to your web server. That's a big job one that JavaScript Maker can eliminate.

If functions were available in HTML, you could create a function that printed the bolded section, above, and then replace the bottom of those 500 pages (for the last time) with something like this...

Please send your cheque or money-order to:
<Call Mailing_Address function>
Thank you for your business.

If your mailing address changed, you would only have to modify the function that printed it. None of the 500 web pages would require changing. Of course, you can't do that with HTML, directly. But you can do it with the JavaScript language, which does support functions.

However, you would need to convert the HTML code into JavaScript code. This requires understanding the JavaScript language and, even if you do, it's a tedious task that's prone to mistakes. So, we created JavaScript Maker to do the work for you. It's fast (20Kb of HTML code can be converted in about one second on a 333 MHz machine) and it never makes a mistake. In addition, JavaScript Maker creates the code you need to add to your web pages to call the functions, which you can copy to the clipboard with one button-click.

Although the JavaScript language has become very popular for its ability to add many fancy controls to web pages, it has been largely overlooked as a way of creating HTML functions that can dynamically control the content of web pages. JavaScript Maker can most likely save you time and/or money. The mailing address function is a simple example. Just think of all the pages on your web site that have sections that either change frequently, or are repeated elsewhere on your site. All of that content can be automated with JavaScript Maker, saving you endless hours of work.

See for yourself, in this example of JavaScript Maker at work. For more details on the application, please see How to Use JavaScript Maker.

Download JavaScript Maker, version 2.7 Download the full version (2.85 Mb) and if you like it, unlock it.

After the download has finished, unzip the files. Then, run jsc27.exe to launch the setup program. When you're ready , here's How to Unlock JavaScript Maker.

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